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EAGAWKER is a community-based group looking to share the latest knowledge and information on trading the markets.

Users can share their ideas, trading systems or tools that the community members would find useful. EAGAWKER makes it easy to keep track of any posts of interest by simply selecting the heart icon. The posts can also be quickly and easily shared via facebook, twitter, and other social media networks.

Our community is a collection that lets the visual search and discovery of new trading systems, tools, and books that will assist in your trading.


1.       Hover over image to view the post title.

2.       Click on the image to open submitter’s blog post in a new tab.

3.       Hover over the photo to display the social media sharing options.

4.       Tap on the magnifying glass or #PostNumber to open post permalink page to view categories and tags or report an issue.

5.       Shows the number of times a post is favorited and gawked/clicked.

6.       Add the post to your favorites page, if you create a user account. Also, organize your favorites by tagging and saving notes on your favorite posts.